To keep projects running smoothly, processes need to not only be in place, but well-documented, up-to-date, and clearly communicated.


Working on many types of projects (on many types of teams) over the years has given me a perspective that helps me break down projects into steps and help define gaps to be bridged. That means I can give you a custom workflow tailored to your team’s needs, so you can operate at a higher efficiency, increase your clients’ confidence, and improve your business. 


Let me help your team do its very best work.

why Define?
  • A defined workflow doesn’t hinder the creative process; it supports it

  • Well-defined roles give employees better understanding of expectations, and how they can go "above and beyond"

  • Defining processes highlights gaps that are preventing your employees from doing their best work

  • Defining each team’s roles on projects minimizes confusion on multi-departmental projects.

  • Clarified communication reduces employee frustration, which improves engagement and retention 

  • Documenting processes smooths on-boarding of new employees

about me

I am passionate about working behind the scenes to help teams do their best work. I have worked with a variety of creative teams on print, digital, and environmental projects, and my experiences run the gamut. I have assessed, developed, refined, and implemented processes, and I excel in getting buy-in from those affected by the changes.


Through my experiences, I understand what issues affect creative teams and how to mitigate them. I started as a designer for print, UI, and UX, moved on to build and manage teams of designers and production artists, then progressed to project and account management.

My project management skills assure that I am able to work towards the strategic big picture, while not losing sight of the tactical details needed to see it through.


Following my methods and tactical philosophy, I've achieved a 28.7% increase in profits over plan. Workflows I have developed and implemented resulted in error rate reductions from 8% to 0.3%. How much time and money could you save with improved processes? 

Let's Talk

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I'd love to discuss how I can help streamline your team's ability to do amazing work. Drop me a line or give me a call so we can arrange a time to talk!


I can usually be found in the San Francisco Bay Area, and can (easily) be persuaded to make jaunts to other locales in the United States and beyond. | m: 602.300.9052